About Us
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Moj Tender d.o.o. consulting company was founded on December 19, 2008 with the aim to assist/provide assistance to bidders by way of counseling or proposals, but primarily by way of providing particular examples which will help you learn how to do business by taking part in a tender process. We want to show the simplicity of a tender procedure, how a successful offer is made in an instant and how a simple and dependable approach can be successful in public procurement. Our approach to consulting and success is unique because our approach to tenders is based on both theoretical and practical knowledge – we will make sure that all tasks are carried out in accordance with the Serbian Public Procurement Law if you are unfamiliar with the procedures, act on your behalf before the contractor's and national commissions so as to protect your rights as a contestant, help you get additional explanations and be informed about any possible changes in technical specifications in tender documentation by keeping in touch with the Commission so as to make a successful bid and optimize your performance in tenders. Due to our interactive partnership, your company will distinguish itself by its specific self-confident style, in accordance with all laws and regulations, thus reaching our main goal – presenting the quality of your product to the tenderee in the best possible way, as part of tender offer, after which your offer will be the best one among competitors' offers and you will thus reach the desired goal by selling your product.

It is our aim to win your attention so as to gain an opportunity to become part of your regular, well-established and functional team in which we could do the following for you:
•    Instruction/training – we will go through all stages of the tender procedure and you will be shown how each of them can be dealt with in practice so as to make your offer both formally and legally acceptable, ensure your success in public procurement process and that your offer is actually taken into consideration;
•    Draft documentation – we can make a draft offer which is fully compliant with the Serbian Public Procurement Law, so as to enable you to present your company to Serbian customers and market your products,
•    We will represent you at the public opening of bids in full compliance with the Serbian Public Procurement Law so as to enable you to properly present your offer and help you identify any possible irregularities in the procedure on part of the tenderee or other competitors, which will allow you to learn how to perform better in all future tenders and sell your product using public procurement procedure,
•    We will coach you what to do and draft a document which protects your rights as a tenderer, fully compliant with the Serbian Public Procurement Law, if the contractor or other competitors violate your rights granted to you by law,
•    Assist you in making an offer and guide you through the public-private partnership process
•    Assist you in making an offer and guide you through EBRD tender procedures.

Until now we have conducted 80% of public procurement procedures for tenderees in Serbia representing bidders and we also represented tenderees in some of the most delicate deals to satisfaction of all parties. Almost all branches of industry decided to use our services and we can thus successfully conduct tender procedures in automotive, medicine, mining, IT, construction, public utility, consulting, education, veterinary and other industries.

We gained precious experience while collaborating with top contractors in Serbia and conducted successful tender processes for the following tenderers or tenderees: Ministry of Agriculture, Belgrade Serbian Mines; EPS, Belgrade; Elektrovojvodina, Novi Sad; National health Insurance Fund, Belgrade; Ski resorts of Serbia, Zlatibor; JKP Skloništa, Belgrade; Public Utility Enterprise; Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade; Medical Institute, Sremska Kamenica; Ikarbus a.d., Belgrade; Pre-School Institution, Novi Sad; etc.

Therefore, if you wish to market your product in Serbia through public procurement procedures and you need a trustworthy, certified, experienced and stable partner, feel free to contact us and we will achieve the desired goal together.

Moj Tender d.o.o. Team